About us

We are a well established import/export and cargo company based in Istanbul Turkey, operating globally. Over the years we have formed strong ties backed up by agreements with many Manufacturers in different sectors of the Turkish market. We have attained the best price deals for the different products which we in turn give to our clients. We also do the shipping for our clients at the most realistically affordable prices. Choosing to work with MRM GLOBAL will save you 15% of your total costs. With all the research,purchase, shipping and delivery of our clients’ products made, we just take only 2.5% commission. With these core competencies in such a competitive area of business, we can confidently say that our reputation precedes us. Be it big or small business ventures, we are ready to work with you and serve you.

Reach out to us via our set telephones, email address and all our social media links for all your requests.